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Layout of Sequence Diagrams

Offset the vertical separation of Sequence messages



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Select the appropriate message in a Sequence diagram.


Use the mouse to drag the message up or down as required.

As you drag a message up or down a lifeline, any messages or fragments below that message are shifted up or down the same amount.

If the 'Reorder Messages' option is enabled, as you drag a message up or down past the next or previous message, the messages swap positions, rather than simply moving position.

As you move one Message past another, a tool-tip displays to remind you to 'Enable Reorder Messages from Layout | Helpers to reorder messages', regardless of whether or not the option is enabled. You can hide this tool-tip by deselecting the 'Enable Tooltips when reordering messages' checkbox on the 'Diagram > Sequence' page of the 'Preferences' dialog.

Sequence Diagram Options

Example Diagram

This example shows an economical use of space in a Sequence diagram.