Upcoming Webinar — January 2018

Introducing Enterprise Architect 14 – Business Process Simulation

Scott Hebbard
Scott Hebbard
Webinar presenter

This webinar showcases the enhanced BPSim capability in Enterprise Architect 14. We'll step through a sample simulation, and show you how to control simulation parameters, such as execution speed, and review token activity.

A convenient, dockable view dedicated to BPSim makes it easier than ever to monitor and log simulation parameters. The cumulative impact of these changes significantly improves your business process analysis!

In this webinar:

  • Step through a business process with the enhanced BPSim interface
  • Improve your process understanding and resource utilization with detailed analysis
  • Control execution speed, monitor business decisions taken, tokens and simulation parameters

This webinar has completed. The recording and Q&A will be posted shortly.